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Date: 17th May 2013
Venue: Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim Tambunan, Sabah

120 children were given the opportunity to draw, to paint and to colour their aspirations of what they want to be when they grow up as creatively as possible as part of 40 selected children who will fly to Kuala Lumpur for the official launch of Project "Hope" between 10th – 12th June 2013.

One main reason why a charity home in Sabah was selected to be part of Project HOPE is in view of the findings from United Nations that reported "Rural areas in Sabah is not on track to achieve the aggregate MDG objective of halving poverty as compared to Malaysia in general where it fell from 17 per cent in 1990 to 8 per cent in year 2000 and below 4 per cent in 2009." Project "Hope" focuses on the United Nations' MDG 1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger and MDG2: Achieve Universal Primary Education.

Official Launch

Date: 11th June 2013
Venue: Kompleks Kraf Kuala Lumpur

The children aged between 8 and 12 years old were also treated to 3 days of fun activities and unforgettable experiences, from playing football with professional footballers and coaches (courtesy of Dream Asia, Asian Football Federation), free medical check-ups courtesy of Columbia Asia Hospital, Setapak and tours of Kuala Lumpur to meeting world-renown Malaysian idols.

Together, they will express their "Hope" through craft. A selection of the 100 art pieces by the children will be auctioned to participants of the World Marketing Summit Malaysia (September 28 to 30, 2013), with all proceeds channeled back to the children's homes. Additionally, the three children with the highest bids on their art pieces will receive a fixed deposit in their names which will be made available to them when they reach 18 years of age. The winner will receive RM5,000, the runner up RM2,000 and second runner-up RM1,000. WMSM2013 will continue to check in on these children, following up on their development as they grow on their journeys.


Project "Hope" Brochure


Day 1: 10th June 2013
Subject: Football Clinic by Dream Asia, Asian Football Confederation (AFC)
and BBQ Dinner at Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat (KEMAS)

Day 2: 11th June 2013
Subject: Official Launch of Project "Hope" at Kompleks Kraf Kuala Lumpur

Day 3: 12th June 2013
Subject: Health check-up by Columbia Asia Hospital, Setapak


Official Project Hope montage: Bringing Hope to Children in Malaysia
Official Project Hope Orphanages Homes montage: Bringing Hope to Children in Malaysia
Bobby Sager: Hope Is A Game-Changer

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WMSM2013 Project Re-thinking Actions press release
Project Re-thinking Actions Bloggers compilation

Official Launch

Date: 25th June 2013
Venue: Pusat Sains Negara

World Marketing Summit Malaysia Sdn Bhd is giving the opportunity for teenagers from the ages of 13-17 to experience and learn new methods of re-thinking their habits to ensure environmental sustainability for their future. "Re-thinking Actions" focuses on MDG 7: Ensuring Environmental Sustainability will encourage the young teens to 're-think' their 'actions' when it comes to making choices that would have an impact on the environment. 85 orphans aged 13 to 17 around Malaysia (Rumah Anak Kesayanganku KL and Rumah Kebajikan Anbu Illam), including 23 from Miri, Sarawak (Miri Methodist Home and Rumah Anak Kesayangan Kami), are empowered as judges of eight companies' CSR initiatives to address one of the United Nations' Eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Ensure environmental sustainability (MDG7) at the World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013's (WMSM2013) Project 'Re-thinking Actions'.

The 85 orphans will kick-start Project 'Re-thinking Actions' by casting their votes on a nationwide survey to select the company with the best MDG7 initiative. The orphans will be judging a number of selected companies' CSR initiatives, among which are Maybank, Badan Warisan and Green Technology. WMSM2013 further invites corporations that practices MDG7 to submit their CSR description if they wish to participate in this nationwide survey.

Submission date of CSR description: 13th August 2013

Commencement date of Survey: 16th August 2013

Closing date of Survey: 16th September 2013 (Malaysia Day)

Votes are tabulated during after closing date and announcement of the winner (with the most votes) will be made during Plenary Session of MDG7 of the World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013 in Putrajaya International Convention Centre, September 28 – 30, 2013. Selected teenagers would be invited to present the AWARD to the winning Corporation.


Day 1: 24th June 2013
Subject: Football Clinic by Dream Asia, Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

Day 2: 25th June 2013
Subject: Official Launch of Project "Re-thinking Actions" at Pusat Sains Negara

Day 3: 12th June 2013
Subject: PETRONAS Skybridge visit, PETROSAINS Tour and Lunch at KLCC Park