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Background to Terra Viva Fund

Never before in the history of civilization has there been so much improvement in the lives of so many as the world has seen over the past few decades. At the same time, a very large number of people, particularly in the Emerging Markets face major – often life-threatening – challenges in Food, Water, Energy and Livelihood Security. The emerging markets in rural areas are the areas with the fastest growing population as well as economies and biggest markets for business opportunities.

The blossoming of the global economy has not come without its costs – and we now face significant limits to it, imposed by the very nature and society that have made it possible. Climate change, species extinction, waste disposal, water scarcity, poverty and hunger, alienation and violence are some of the flip side of the same progress that has so deeply changed our lives for the better.

To stay competitive, the business of tomorrow must face and master these challenges and find ways to convert them into opportunities that can produce not only profits, but also protect the people who are its producers and consumers and the planet that provides its raw materials and absorbs its wastes!

The technologies, institutions and even the value systems we have espoused are now in for fundamental changes – needing innovation of a totally new kind. The future of business will lie in how well it can adapt to these changes – for which it will need substantial changes in mindset policy.

Terra Viva Fund Forum will showcase Companies, technologies, methods/processes that the Terra Viva fund aims to invest in – that are profitable, efficient, decentralized and scalable and suitable for the rural emerging markets.

"We must form new partnerships among the best institutions to bring together their different insights and to generate meaningful solutions that deal effectively with the inter-related issues of population, natural resources, environment and development." Dr Ashok Khosla, Founder of Development Alternatives.

And also on a sharper understanding of the limits of the Earth's finite resources such as land, water, materials and energy.

This is why we invite you to meet successful entrepreneurs and environmentalists who will inspire you to help the world rethink how we can do business for our future so you and your company will be part of the change the world needs!

Camilla Hall
Special Advisor Dr Ashok Khosla