The structure of the summit is designed as follows:

1. Each MDG aspiration: Presented by a Keynote Speaker

2. Panel Speakers: Presenting on related key subjects

3. Q & A session with the delegates

The Experience:

Keynote Speakers are People with experience in the field or specialists focusing and leading each one of the 8 Millennium Development Goal sessions. Their approach and work are unique: they understand the concrete issues and the day to day challenges that they face. Their role is to share their experience, exchange views and express the needs. The Keynote Speakers present a speech of 1 hour and participate in the Q & A session.
The Sharing Action:

Panel Speakers represent corporations serving beyond the "feel good" notion or are celebrities committed to helping communities beyond their career sphere. Also, reporters and photographers that comprehend, act and contribute to the MDGs. They showcase how and express the way they contribute and take action. They share the strategy of their organization and outline their involvement. These Speakers are invited to share how they have worked through the years in their respective corporations/institutions to help contribute to the 8MDG. 3 speakers will be invited per MDG and, each speaker has 20 minutes to share their works.

The Receiver:

Delegates who have been selected from the top 100 companies in their respective countries and are CEO/CMO, are invited to challenge the model and have a clearer appreciation of how the idea may be implemented within their respective organizations. They are invited to pose questions and express their challenges in the application of the changes to their corporate vision to create a better life through Marketing.