Mr William Kwende

Mr. Kwende was born in Burkino Faso and is a descendent of the royal family in what is now the capital of Benin. He has acquired many years of experience in project development and process management, including over 10 years with UN International Organization on migration. Stationed in Geneva, Switzerland and later Manila, Philippines, he worked on special projects throughout Africa and Asia.He has had extensive work experience under challenging circumstances in Sierra Leone, Senegal, Congo, Cambodia and other developing countries. Educated in France and the United States, at Georgetown and GWU, where he earned a degree in computer engineering, he is fluent in both French and English.

Team AGRITECH is led by William. Kwende whose specialties are in setting up remote communications and supporting infrastructure, have been particularly helpful to the relatively smooth deployment of AGRITECH's work plan in far flung areas. He seamlessly integrates with the highest level of Government and the lowest levels in the Community.

His experience in developmental work has helped him formalised AGRITECH's initial concept featuring a mix of profit making and sustainable development notions. William enjoys extensive relationships at senior levels of politics and business throughout West Africa from his family relations and his own endeavour.